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Facial aesthetics


Treatment for lines and wrinkles

We are able to offer consultations for the treatment of lines and wrinkles. At the consultation, we will be able to recommend the appropriate treatment for you.
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Dermal Fillers

Fillers such as Restylane® and Hydrafill® are modern medical implants designed to fill out and smooth away lines, wrinkles and folds and to add volume to lips.
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PRGF – Endoret Facial Rejuvenation

The PRGF®-Endoret® technique isolates, concentrates and extracts “growth factors” from your own blood to repair and rejuvenate your skin naturally. Following the initial 3-month course of treatment, the use of your own growth factors will result in a natural regeneration that does not change your facial expressions.
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We offer a no-obligation consultation

This is a no-obligation, comprehensive oral examination which results in the production of a fully-costed individual plan for your treatment for Facial Treatments. Click HERE to book


As advised by the British Association of Private Dentistry, we will remain open for both routine and emergency appointments over the Lockdown from 5 November 2020.

It's safe and essential to attend the Dentist.

To ensure the safety of our staff and patients during this pandemic, we can only admit you to the practice if you:

  • Have completed a Pre-Appointment Covid-19 Risk Assessment by Email or Phone within 24 hours of your Appointment
  • Are wearing a Face Covering and Gloves

On arrival, please:

  • Ring the Doorbell once and wait to be invited in by a member of staff
  • Wait outside to allow other patients/staff to enter/exit the practice safely
  • Be patient and tolerant of the weather (it is out of our control!) and the HUGE strain
    that our Staff and Telephone Lines are under
  • We will come and collect you as soon as possible, but please be prepared for delays.